Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Tugas bahasa inggris ( daily activity )

i always wake up  at five o’clock . when i wake up i do not forget to settle my bedroom . and then , i open the windows to inhale the fresh air . and until that , i go to take a bath . until bath , i prepare for breakfast . i cooked my food my self . until breakfast , i’ve been ready go to campus .
i’m going to campus with my friend , tia . before go , she came to my house to meet me , and we going to campus together . on the way , we always talking and joking . so make in the way not bored . and we arrive at campus on time . in campus , we met friends . and after in class room , i’ve been ready for study .
when study in campus all over , i prepare for going to home . before going home , i always search food for eat . after eat im going to home . and after arrive at home , i quickly to take a bath . after bath , i serve dinner . after dinner , i always do the exercise for remember the study all i got today . after that , i always watching tv . and after watching tv , im going to my bedroom to sleep .

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